Nostalgia the Joy-Killer (A reflection on Ezra 3.1-13)

I was thrilled to read last week about the opening of a Big House in Bella Bella, off the coast of British Columbia. The last Big House in the community was destroyed 120 years ago under suspicious circumstances, likely as a part of Canada’s attempted cultural genocide of indigenous peoples. The event was a joyful … Continue reading Nostalgia the Joy-Killer (A reflection on Ezra 3.1-13)

Typology and the Realignment of Western Christianity

In the most recent post in the series looking at religious commitments through a linguistic analogy, I introduced the idea that different religions function like languages and different theological traditions, denominations, or lineages function as the dialects of those languages. But I also noted that we’re in a time of significant realignment and that new … Continue reading Typology and the Realignment of Western Christianity

In the News (Week ending July 13, 2019)

I'm trying something new here this week that may or may not become a recurring element on the blog: Some short reflections on news stories that I feel deserve comment. Without further ado: Hospitality and the Billy Graham RuleThe ‘Billy Graham Rule’? Candidate refuses to meet with women unless a man comes along For those … Continue reading In the News (Week ending July 13, 2019)

Truth or Value?

It’s a cliche to say these days that we’re in a crisis of truth. And certainly, the world is an increasingly frightening place for those of us who are concerned with honest discourse. Foreign political misinformation campaigns, propaganda, and conspiracy theories are having yet another moment in civic discourse. In addition to this, gone are … Continue reading Truth or Value?

Toward an Integral Hermeneutic: Complexity

So far in this series on developing an integral hermeneutic, I’ve talked about the need to read our Scriptures through a growth-oriented lens, with a holistic, multi-perspectival approach, and by integrating the wisdom of past and present ages. But you may have noticed that we seem to be circling around a similar set of ideas, … Continue reading Toward an Integral Hermeneutic: Complexity