Who wants change? (A reflection on Mark 1.21-28)

One of my favorite cartoons features two panels. In the first, a speaker addressing  a crowded room asks, “Who wants change?” And everyone puts up their hand. In the second panel, the speaker asks, “Who wants to change?” and all the arms go down. Like so many cartoons, it’s funny because it’s true. It hits … Continue reading Who wants change? (A reflection on Mark 1.21-28)

Children of the Living God

Today, the Sunday after Epiphany, in the Western Church we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. This is a feast that is rich in symbolism and meaning for us as Christians, and so there are many directions I could go in reflecting on it this morning. But, rather than going deep into the weeds of early … Continue reading Children of the Living God

Life as a Sacred Practice

In my post on Goal-Setting, I mentioned that the major theme that emerged for me in my goal-setting for 2019 was the desire to focus my time and energy. One of the consequences of that is that I will be ending my weekly explorations of sacred practices in order to focus my attention on a … Continue reading Life as a Sacred Practice


The celebration of New Year’s this week means that we’ve come to the end of the four-part year-end series designed to set ourselves up well for 2019. The first week explored values (what we care about); the second week discussed the discernment of desires (how we decide what desires we pursue and which we leave … Continue reading Goal-Setting

A Word from the Wisemen (An Epiphany Reflection)

Now that we’ve made our good beginnings with the New Year and reached the end of the twelve days of Christmas, we stumble into my favorite season of the Church year, Epiphany. Epiphany is a celebration of light and life in the darkest time of the year, recalling all the ways God has been revealed … Continue reading A Word from the Wisemen (An Epiphany Reflection)