Tonglen practice

One of the sacred practices I explored over the summer was ‘drop the story and feel the feeling.’ The point of it was to stop the never-ending cycle of storytelling about what we’re feeling and simply to experience it as fully as possible. This week’s practice, a modified version of Tonglen practice from the Tibetan … Continue reading Tonglen practice

Truth or Value?

It’s a cliche to say these days that we’re in a crisis of truth. And certainly, the world is an increasingly frightening place for those of us who are concerned with honest discourse. Foreign political misinformation campaigns, propaganda, and conspiracy theories are having yet another moment in civic discourse. In addition to this, gone are … Continue reading Truth or Value?

The Sign of the Cross

Last week’s exploration of Minimalism as a sacred practice made me think about how I might similarly simplify my spiritual life. I thought about what it might look like to go back to the basics. And so, for this week’s practice, I returned to a venerable Christian practice of prayer, protection, and identity that dates … Continue reading The Sign of the Cross