Facing the Beast: An Integral Reading of Romans 1.18-32

Romans 1.18-32 is the most explicit text in the New Testament that speaks about homosexuality (as we saw the other day, it might even be the only one). It is therefore the text most often used to support the continued exclusion of gay and lesbian Christians from the Church and its sacraments. As such, it’s … Continue reading Facing the Beast: An Integral Reading of Romans 1.18-32

Tradition(ed): An Integral Approach

If I had to summarize what this series about tradition has been all about it would come down to two points: Tradition is inevitable, and tradition is always changing. Tradition, and therefore our lives and societies, live in the tension between what we receive and how we receive it. This means that, if we truly … Continue reading Tradition(ed): An Integral Approach

Why NOT Integral? Lingering Questions and Concerns

Over the past few months, I've done two major series on Integral thought: Integral Basics, which introduced the general framework within which many Integral thinkers operate; and this most recent series on Growing with Intention, which explored different engines of spiritual growth through an Integral lens. But as much as I like the Integral approach, … Continue reading Why NOT Integral? Lingering Questions and Concerns

Integral Growth & Christian Spirituality

As this series, Growing with Intention, wraps up, I thought it would be helpful to take a step back and look at the practices as a whole, from a specifically Christian theological lens. As someone who comes to these practices in a desire to be more faithful and to be a better disciple of Jesus, … Continue reading Integral Growth & Christian Spirituality

Growing with Intention: The Body

In this series on engines of spiritual growth, we've looked at how we can use our hearts, minds, unconscious wisdom, and actions to push us forward in faithfulness. But none of this would be possible without the body in and of itself. So I can't leave this series without giving some thought to this beautiful, … Continue reading Growing with Intention: The Body