Empire Then and Now

Two thousand years ago, Jesus and his followers unleashed a strange new message into the world of the Roman Empire, which was nearing the apex of its power and authority. It was a world of large cosmopolitan cities and rural villages more-or-less untouched by the complications of 'modern' life. It was a world of unprecedented … Continue reading Empire Then and Now

In Our Bodies

We've been hearing a lot lately in the news and public discourse about bodies, specifically about black bodies, brown bodies, and white bodies. The news has been difficult to watch. What the news reveals about our society and its values has perhaps been even more difficult for many of us to ingest. In recent years … Continue reading In Our Bodies

How WEIRD is Your Theology?

Over the past week, I've been trying to introduce people who visit this blog to various strands of Black (specifically African American) theology and self-reflection: the Spirituals, the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, Black Liberation, Womanist thought, and reflections on Black Lives Matter. I did this to amplify Black voices at a time when … Continue reading How WEIRD is Your Theology?