Identify your values

Two recent practices I’ve explored here, Monitoring and Equanimity, both talked about values. Values have also come to mind recently since the new year is fast approaching and it’s a natural time to think more closely about my values as I look back on the year that has been and forward to the year that … Continue reading Identify your values

Who’s Afraid of the Dark? (An Advent Reflection)

My favorite metaphor for understanding the different seasons of the Church year is that of light. It most logically belongs to the season of Epiphany, but I think it plays nicely with the themes for the rest of the year. If Christmas and Epiphany are the seasons when we proclaim: “The people living in darkness … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the Dark? (An Advent Reflection)


After last week’s exciting foray into the Scriptures with the practice of Havruta, this week I decided to explore a practice that is a goal and ideal of most religious traditions, something that is an essential component of living a balanced and contented life in a turbulent world. This week, I explored a practice of … Continue reading Equanimity

The Jesus Prayer

After a few weeks of practices involving the shifting seas of my thoughts and thoughts-about-thoughts, I returned this week to the firm and fertile ground of ancient Christian spirituality. Specifically, I turned to the quintessential prayer of the Christian East, known as the Jesus Prayer, which combines elements we associate with prayer (petition and language) … Continue reading The Jesus Prayer