Sanctified Imagination: Part 3 – Scriptural Imagination

Lately, I've been thinking about the positive place imagination, and specifically a sanctified imagination, can have in the life of faith. The first post in this little series looked at why imagination has been controversial within Christianity; the second looked at the role the imaginative symbols of visions and dreams have played in the mystical … Continue reading Sanctified Imagination: Part 3 – Scriptural Imagination

Completely Prophetical

In my post the other day about how "The righteous shall live by faith" is really an anti-imperial text, I made a comment in passing that the New Testament plays fast and loose in its appropriation of biblical texts. This took at least one reader by surprise, prompting her to ask me to explain what … Continue reading Completely Prophetical

Empire Then and Now

Two thousand years ago, Jesus and his followers unleashed a strange new message into the world of the Roman Empire, which was nearing the apex of its power and authority. It was a world of large cosmopolitan cities and rural villages more-or-less untouched by the complications of 'modern' life. It was a world of unprecedented … Continue reading Empire Then and Now

Facing the Whirlwind

The final Bible story I want to explore in depth in this series on knowing God is Job's encounter with God in the whirlwind. The story of Job is as follows: Though a holy and honorable man, Job loses his health, wealth, and family in a series of calamities. Job must deal not only with … Continue reading Facing the Whirlwind

Entertaining Angels (An Integral Reading of Genesis 18.1-15)

In the most recent post in this series on Knowing God, I talked about the strange stories in the Scriptures about what it's like for humans to meet God, and how these stories all resort to playful, or even nonsensical, use of language to get across just how much of a jumbled and contradictory paradox … Continue reading Entertaining Angels (An Integral Reading of Genesis 18.1-15)