The Movement Away from People-Pleasing

With all the 'eventfulness' of the past week, it's been a while since I've posted in this series on eight movements of faithful growth. To recap, so far we've looked at facades — the masks we wear to hide our true self — and two specific types of them: doing what we feel we 'should' … Continue reading The Movement Away from People-Pleasing

In Times like These (Again)

Well, friends, today is election day in the United States. We don't know what the result will be or what the future will bring, especially since the current American President has been sending messages undermining the integrity of the election for months and has not committed to the peaceful transition of power that is inherent … Continue reading In Times like These (Again)

The Door (A Reflection on Luke 11.47-52)

It's always interesting to see how people react when I tell them I'm a Christian. Some people get tongue-tied, unsure of what to say. Others' eyes glaze over and it's clear that whole area of spirituality has zero meaning for them whatsoever. Then, of course, there are the disciples of the New Atheists, who immediately … Continue reading The Door (A Reflection on Luke 11.47-52)

Christ’s Gospel and the Gospel of Christ

I recently made the comment here that Romans 12-13, in which Paul is outlining the rule of life for the household of God, is the part of Paul's writings where he sounds most like Jesus. It is a strange quirk of Christianity that its first major advocate sounds so little like the man Jesus, around … Continue reading Christ’s Gospel and the Gospel of Christ