On Spiritual Sickness

Overall, Julian of Norwich’s theology and spirituality are remarkably positive. She filters everything through the greatness of God’s love, which creates, sustains, and provides for all things and against which sin can be “no deed” (Ch 11). But God’s goodness and love are no excuse for complacency. There are still things that can get us … Continue reading On Spiritual Sickness

God’s Work for Me (And for You)

One of the common stereotypes often leveled against the younger generations raised in more supportive environments is that we are “precious snowflakes” — so confident in our uniqueness that we have come into the world feeling entitled to greatness. Silly and harmful generational stereotypes aside, both sides of this generalization hold some truth: We are, … Continue reading God’s Work for Me (And for You)

Welcoming the Outcasts: Acts 10-11 as a Blueprint for Change

One of the major roadblocks LGBTQ2S+ people experience in finding acceptance and welcome within their communities of faith is simply the perception that tradition is set in stone and cannot change. It’s that difficult combination of inertia and ‘case-law’ I talked about last post again. But as we saw with the case of eunuchs the … Continue reading Welcoming the Outcasts: Acts 10-11 as a Blueprint for Change

What’s Sex For, Anyway?

I began the previous post with the claim that many Christians struggle to accept queer identities or ‘lifestyles’ less because of specific biblical prohibitions than because of more basic assumptions about creation. One increasingly common example of such an assumption is a belief that the intent to reproduce is not only the primary but the … Continue reading What’s Sex For, Anyway?

Two Sides of Adam: Gender in Genesis 1-3

I’ve long been convinced that the ‘queer question’ in the Church today is not really about the handful of particular texts that are used to condemn homosexuality or promote the perpetuation of strict gender roles. After all, ‘Bible believing’ Christians these days find it pretty easy to dismiss the Scriptures’ clear teaching about a lot … Continue reading Two Sides of Adam: Gender in Genesis 1-3