Over the past few years, the focus of this blog — about how spirituality can change lives in tangible ways — has impelled me towards being more vocal on issues of social justice. And so I’ve done quite a bit of writing promoting the work of Black theologians, discussing some of the ways White folk need to participate in anti-racism work, and actively promoting a decolonizing and Indigenizing agenda within Christian theology and spirituality. But one collection of issues I haven’t really addressed here are the questions of sexuality and gender identity that are so prominent right now in our culture, in politics, and in our churches. There are a number reasons why this has been the case, but as 2023 began, I decided it as past time to wade into these difficult waters.

Introduction: In Search of the Missing Myth

My Story, Part 1 (through 2011)

My Story, Part 2 (2011 – present)

The Two Sides of Adam: Gender in Genesis 1-3

What’s Sex for, anyway?

Queer-Coded Friendships: On David and Jonathan, Ruth and Naomi

Hope for the Eunuch: How the Bible Changed Its Mind

Welcoming the Outcasts: Acts 10-11 as a Blueprint for Change

The Queer Holy Spirit?

Male and Female, Christ and the Church: The Question of Complementarity and Same-Sex Relationships

Whispers in Tradition

The Clobber Texts (on Genesis 19, Leviticus 18.22 and 20.13, 1 Corinthians 6.9, and 1 Timothy 1.10)

Facing the Beast: An Integral Reading of Romans 1.18-32 (summary) (longer version)

Where I Stand Now