You can’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. So says the conventional wisdom, and this is a (rare) case where the conventional wisdom is right. This proverb understands the truth that to understand someone’s behaviour we need to understand their experiences: their history, joys, traumas, motivations, hopes and dreams. As it … Continue reading Judgment

Truth or Value?

It’s a cliche to say these days that we’re in a crisis of truth. And certainly, the world is an increasingly frightening place for those of us who are concerned with honest discourse. Foreign political misinformation campaigns, propaganda, and conspiracy theories are having yet another moment in civic discourse. In addition to this, gone are … Continue reading Truth or Value?

Everything in us is Workable

The title of this post is a play on the title of a wonderful book, Everything is Workable, by Diane Musho Hamilton, an integral thinker specializing in conflict resolution and mediation. I thought about this turn of phrase as I was reflecting on my recent post that talked about challenging our instincts and drives. While … Continue reading Everything in us is Workable

Sacred Practices: Integral Hermeneutic

Sacred Practices: Integral Hermeneutic

This week’s practice is a little different from most. It isn’t an established practice or intervention. But rather, after having spent a couple months thinking through what an integral approach to Scripture reading might look like, I felt I needed to take these ideas for a few test drives. And since it had been a … Continue reading Sacred Practices: Integral Hermeneutic