O Rex Gentium: Questions of Authority

I think it's safe to say that we as a culture have a problem with authority right now. Trust in our institutions — from government, through education, down to media and corporations — is at an all-time low. Perhaps this is why the theme of authority stood out to me when I was reflecting on … Continue reading O Rex Gentium: Questions of Authority

One Thing Needful (A Reflection on Luke 10.38-42)

Some passages of Scripture are complex, inviting us to lots of study and contemplation. Others, though no less important, are simpler and can often serve as helpful reminders — even they feel at times like two-by-fours to the back of the head. Today’s offering from the Gospels is in the latter category. Jesus is at … Continue reading One Thing Needful (A Reflection on Luke 10.38-42)


It’s hard to move in today’s thought-space without encountering the idea of personal branding. What was just a few years ago an idea only found in the wilds of executive coaching or social media “influencers” has become pervasive in our culture. More and more we are encouraged to conceive of our careers, hobbies, lifestyle, and … Continue reading Branded

(More) Good Fruit

The basic premise of this blog is that genuine faith produces good spiritual fruit. Almost eleven months ago now, I wrote of my desire to look at this fruit more closely, using the twenty-four character traits the  VIA (“Values in Action”) Institute on Character have identified as universal characteristics of human wellbeing as my lens. … Continue reading (More) Good Fruit


The celebration of New Year’s this week means that we’ve come to the end of the four-part year-end series designed to set ourselves up well for 2019. The first week explored values (what we care about); the second week discussed the discernment of desires (how we decide what desires we pursue and which we leave … Continue reading Goal-Setting