Word Made Flesh, or, How to Be Human

A recurring theme here lately, especially during Advent and in this Christmas season, has been how Jesus reveals to us who God is. This is the most obvious consequence of Christian belief that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine, a belief we call the Incarnation. But today I'd like to talk about the … Continue reading Word Made Flesh, or, How to Be Human

Our Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

The days in between Christmas and New Year's have always been among my favorites. After all the chaos of Christmas, but before life returns to "normal," we have these precious, spacious, open days. Forgive me for giving in too much to the 'magic' of the secular Christmas spirit, but this time always feels special, expansive … Continue reading Our Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

Into Our Mess: A Reflection for Christmas 2020

A crying baby

Those of you who know me in person likely know that I hate, hate, hate sentimental portrayals of the Christmas story. I can't stand Christmas pageants (even as a kid I thought they were drivel whose only function was to let the grannies fawn over us — and yes, I was a strange child) and … Continue reading Into Our Mess: A Reflection for Christmas 2020

Christmas Gifts of the Spirit

One of the great joys of reflecting on the feasts and seasons of the Church year is to see how they are all so deeply interconnected. We can't really think about Christmas without thinking about Easter; nor can we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus without thinking about his Transfiguration, or experience Lent without experiencing Epiphany. … Continue reading Christmas Gifts of the Spirit

Beginnings (A Christmas Reflection)

The presents have been wrapped and unwrapped, the feast prepared and consumed, the guests come and gone, and the Christmas music that filled us with joy a few days ago has turned to noise in our ears. A sense of general ennui now fills the air, as the holiday that was filled with so much … Continue reading Beginnings (A Christmas Reflection)