The Sign of the Cross

Last week’s exploration of Minimalism as a sacred practice made me think about how I might similarly simplify my spiritual life. I thought about what it might look like to go back to the basics. And so, for this week’s practice, I returned to a venerable Christian practice of prayer, protection, and identity that dates … Continue reading The Sign of the Cross

Inner Wisdom Cicle

One of the things I enjoy most about having moved around a lot and met a lot of people from a wide variety of backgrounds is that it’s given me a great window into both the similarities, but especially the differences, in the ways people think and make decisions. Some of my friends make decisions … Continue reading Inner Wisdom Cicle

Words that Work

One of the first posts I wrote on this blog was called “Religion that Works.” It touched on what has been one of the most persistent elements of my faith, even within a spiritual journey that has been topsy turvy: More than anything else, I want a faith that changes lives. I remember, when I … Continue reading Words that Work


This week’s practice is probably the most popular sacred practice in the West right now that many of its practitioners don’t think of as a sacred practice. It has ancient roots but is often treated like the next big thing. This week, I rolled out the mat and engaged with a yoga practice. BackgroundWhen we … Continue reading Yoga