The Door (A Reflection on Luke 11.47-52)

It's always interesting to see how people react when I tell them I'm a Christian. Some people get tongue-tied, unsure of what to say. Others' eyes glaze over and it's clear that whole area of spirituality has zero meaning for them whatsoever. Then, of course, there are the disciples of the New Atheists, who immediately … Continue reading The Door (A Reflection on Luke 11.47-52)

Knowing God together: Worship

As this series on Knowing God winds down, I'm taking the opportunity to pick up on a couple of important threads that may have been under-emphasized through the series. The other day I looked briefly at the importance of community. Today I'd like to turn my attention to worship, and particularly to communal worship. There … Continue reading Knowing God together: Worship

Knowing God together: Community

Over the past few months, this blog has been exploring the idea of knowing God from a number of angles: philosophical, scriptural, historical, and personal. But it's a huge (one might even say infinite) topic and so by necessity some aspects of the subject have been put more in the background than they should be. … Continue reading Knowing God together: Community

Rules and Paradigms: Another look at prescriptive grammar

Way back at the start of this series, I talked about the difference between descriptive grammar, which discusses a language as it is, and prescriptive grammar, which discusses a language (someone says) it should be. While prescriptive grammar is often — and rightly — maligned for being artificial (for example, English speakers have been splitting … Continue reading Rules and Paradigms: Another look at prescriptive grammar

Fractal Faith

One of my areas of learning over the summer has been permaculture, particularly as people are applying it to communities. One of the most interesting conversations going on in that space is the problem of scalability: how to get the micro and macro to functioning together based on the same values and principles. A common … Continue reading Fractal Faith