It’s hard to move in today’s thought-space without encountering the idea of personal branding. What was just a few years ago an idea only found in the wilds of executive coaching or social media “influencers” has become pervasive in our culture. More and more we are encouraged to conceive of our careers, hobbies, lifestyle, and … Continue reading Branded

#Blessed (A Reflection on Matthew 5.1-12)

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of Pentecost, the celebration and appropriation of the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out on Jesus’ disciples. My reflections yesterday centered on the theme of freedom: The Holy Spirit frees us from spiritual slavery, from bondage to fear and everything else that holds us back. But, as I’ve noted … Continue reading #Blessed (A Reflection on Matthew 5.1-12)

A Spirit of Freedom (A Reflection for Pentecost 2019)

The great promise of Christianity is that a fundamental change has come into the world. The “normal” ways of the world, whether conceived of as sin or fate or the writing of the stars or the law of karma, have been overturned. We can now opt out of the power of these forces and be … Continue reading A Spirit of Freedom (A Reflection for Pentecost 2019)

Hearts of Flesh (A Reflection on Ezekiel 11.14-25)

As long-time readers will know, one of my favorite lines in all of literature comes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago: “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts.” It is a … Continue reading Hearts of Flesh (A Reflection on Ezekiel 11.14-25)