Get Behind Me, Satan!

So far our Lenten Sunday readings have been giving us a crash course in temptation. Last week's Gospel reading told the story of Jesus' temptation in the desert. Today we have the story of Peter rebuking Jesus for saying he would be rejected and put to death. Here we see temptation in a subtler, but … Continue reading Get Behind Me, Satan!

Sacred Practices Revisited: Mindfulness Meditation

This Lent, I'm being intentional about spending more time in sacred practices and less time writing. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit some old content about sacred practices. The post below was originally posted in June 2018. After a few weeks of sacred practices that wedged their way into my … Continue reading Sacred Practices Revisited: Mindfulness Meditation

Forty Days in the Desert: A Reflection on Mark 1.9-15

an elderly woman against a desert backdrop

Immediately after the powerful, transformative, theophanic moment of his baptism, Jesus is sent by the Holy Spirit into to the desert. There he is tempted for forty days — tempted with ease, with entitlement, and with earthly power. Ever since, the desert has held an odd place in the Christian imagination. On the one hand, … Continue reading Forty Days in the Desert: A Reflection on Mark 1.9-15

Into the Depths: A Reflection for Ash Wednesday, 2021

Today, Ash Wednesday 2021, marks a strange anniversary for me. For it was one (liturgical) year ago that I first wrote here about 2020 shaping up to be a brutal year. And so to me at least, it genuinely feels like a marker of one year of this collective experience of struggle. As I reflected … Continue reading Into the Depths: A Reflection for Ash Wednesday, 2021

Hearts Unveiled

We're at the point in the liturgical year when the calendar is moving very quickly. Over just the past ten weeks or so we've zoomed through the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, and we're now just three days before the start of Lent. And, in those churches which follow the common lectionary, that means … Continue reading Hearts Unveiled