In the News (Week ending July 13, 2019)

I'm trying something new here this week that may or may not become a recurring element on the blog: Some short reflections on news stories that I feel deserve comment. Without further ado: Hospitality and the Billy Graham RuleThe ‘Billy Graham Rule’? Candidate refuses to meet with women unless a man comes along For those … Continue reading In the News (Week ending July 13, 2019)

The Unruly and Abnormal Holy Spirit

Soviet dissident writer Aleksandr Solzhenitysn famously said that the line between good and evil runs not between states, ideologies, or people, but right through the middle of them. It seems to be the way of life in our fallen world, where even humanity’s greatest and most beautiful aspirations are marred by our ugliest traits. Lust … Continue reading The Unruly and Abnormal Holy Spirit

All Flame

Today is the great and holy feast of Pentecost, one of the most important feasts of the Christian year. Sadly it’s a feast whose significance is often undermined. In many churches, it will likely be reduced to a yearly reminder that Christians believe the Holy Spirit to be One of the Three Persons of the … Continue reading All Flame

Questions from the Nones

I wrote earlier this week about my concerns about what I’ve seen from the Church’s attitude to religious ‘nones’, and more specifically to those who identify as ‘spiritual-but-not-religious.’ In this post I’d like to take a more positive approach, and look at some of the important lessons we might take from the rise of the … Continue reading Questions from the Nones