Washing up (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)

It’s Ash Wednesday. Are we listening? Many of us will find our way to church this morning or this evening for the imposition of ashes. Many churches now even do ‘drive through’ or 'drop in' ashes for busy folk on their way to or from work. It’s becoming increasingly common to see people out and … Continue reading Washing up (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)

Children of the Living God

Today, the Sunday after Epiphany, in the Western Church we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. This is a feast that is rich in symbolism and meaning for us as Christians, and so there are many directions I could go in reflecting on it this morning. But, rather than going deep into the weeds of early … Continue reading Children of the Living God

A Word from the Wisemen (An Epiphany Reflection)

Now that we’ve made our good beginnings with the New Year and reached the end of the twelve days of Christmas, we stumble into my favorite season of the Church year, Epiphany. Epiphany is a celebration of light and life in the darkest time of the year, recalling all the ways God has been revealed … Continue reading A Word from the Wisemen (An Epiphany Reflection)

Come and See (A reflection on John 1.43-51)

One of the things I love about having a regular practice of reading the Scriptures is how they can always surprise me. This morning’s Gospel reading was the calling of Philip and Nathaniel. And lo and behold, it contained for me this morning a perfect message for this the twelfth and final day of Christmas. … Continue reading Come and See (A reflection on John 1.43-51)

When the Dawn Comes

There’s a seeming contradiction in our tradition of Advent. On the one hand, it’s a time of waiting patiently in the darkness of life for the beautiful in-breaking of God, in the coming of Jesus: We as a people living in darkness wait eagerly to see the Great Light. Yet at the same time, it … Continue reading When the Dawn Comes