Babel’s Curse, Babel’s Blessing: A Narrative Reflection for Pentecost 2021

Once upon a time, the whole earth had one language, one culture, and all of the people lived in the same land. When the people came to a beautiful plain between two rivers, they said to one another, 'This is a beautiful and rich land. Let us settle here,' and so they did. The people … Continue reading Babel’s Curse, Babel’s Blessing: A Narrative Reflection for Pentecost 2021

Babel Revisited

There's a strange story in Genesis 11 that goes like this: The peoples of the earth, wanting to gain fame and power, decide to build a tower that stretches up all the way into heavens. But God confuses their speech, so their venture fails and they scatter across the earth. The whole story of the … Continue reading Babel Revisited

Winds of Change (A Reflection for Pentecost 2020)

Happy Pentecost! It's a brilliant, beautiful feast. And it's also an important feast for us, this year more than ever. But, before I begin, I have two confessions to make: I came to the readings weary from a week of horrible, frightening, heart-rending news, searching for words of peace and comfort. I didn't find them. … Continue reading Winds of Change (A Reflection for Pentecost 2020)

Come, Holy Spirit, Come

The weather here in Toronto has finally turned. After a long and unusually cold Spring, warmth has finally returned. Suddenly, almost as though someone flipped a switch, all that greening potential in the trees and flowers that had just been a blush of colour has exploded into full view. Gone are the drab greys and … Continue reading Come, Holy Spirit, Come

#Blessed (A Reflection on Matthew 5.1-12)

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of Pentecost, the celebration and appropriation of the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out on Jesus’ disciples. My reflections yesterday centered on the theme of freedom: The Holy Spirit frees us from spiritual slavery, from bondage to fear and everything else that holds us back. But, as I’ve noted … Continue reading #Blessed (A Reflection on Matthew 5.1-12)