Movements of Faith

The other day, I wrote about how the core of Jesus' conflict with the religious establishment of his day, and the fault lines within religion today, is a fundamentally different understanding of what faith is all about: Is it about gate-keeping and behaviour control — creating community through conformity — or is it about providing … Continue reading Movements of Faith

Beyond “Thou Shalt Not”

A few weeks ago, when I was feeling particularly worn down by the stresses and sorrows of this pandemic year, I turned to my favorite book of contemporary spirituality, The Discerning Heart, by Wilkie Au and Noreen Cannon Au. In the Introduction, they talk about why they feel spiritual discernment is more important today than … Continue reading Beyond “Thou Shalt Not”

Potter’s Clay (A reflection on Jeremiah 18.1-11)

One of the preferred teaching tools in the Bible is the parable, an extended metaphor used to explain some truth about our relationship with God. Often these are left uninterpreted in the text and so it’s up to us to explore their depths. This can be frustrating as a reader who just wants to understand … Continue reading Potter’s Clay (A reflection on Jeremiah 18.1-11)

Love of Learning

Eight years ago, I was facing the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding my life. I really didn’t know where to start, but I decided to throw my curiosity wide open and read about anything and everything that struck my fancy. The idea was just to throw everything against the wall and see what, if anything, … Continue reading Love of Learning