Potter’s Clay (A reflection on Jeremiah 18.1-11)

One of the preferred teaching tools in the Bible is the parable, an extended metaphor used to explain some truth about our relationship with God. Often these are left uninterpreted in the text and so it’s up to us to explore their depths. This can be frustrating as a reader who just wants to understand … Continue reading Potter’s Clay (A reflection on Jeremiah 18.1-11)

Love of Learning

Eight years ago, I was facing the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding my life. I really didn’t know where to start, but I decided to throw my curiosity wide open and read about anything and everything that struck my fancy. The idea was just to throw everything against the wall and see what, if anything, … Continue reading Love of Learning


People who want to effect change in their life often complain about a lack of willpower. Conversely, people who meet their goals easily often judge those who don’t as being “weak willed”. But focusing on the will like this is misleading; it suggests that the key to making good choices in the moment is just … Continue reading Self-Regulation

As Children, As Grown ups (A reflection on Mark 9.30-37)

Long-time readers will know by now that I love the quote from the physicist Niels Bohr, that the opposite of a great truth is also true. It’s an important idea and it’s linked to my fundamental theological maxim: that, in order to avoid idolatry and misunderstanding, we have to be willing to unsay everything we … Continue reading As Children, As Grown ups (A reflection on Mark 9.30-37)