More than we Know (A Reflection on Mark 6.1-6)

“Glory to God, whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine...” This line from the post-Communion prayers — a paraphrase of Ephesians 3.20 — has always been one of my favorites. Its promises inspired me as a young child in Yukon, and it was still able to reach … Continue reading More than we Know (A Reflection on Mark 6.1-6)

The Sign of the Cross

Last week’s exploration of Minimalism as a sacred practice made me think about how I might similarly simplify my spiritual life. I thought about what it might look like to go back to the basics. And so, for this week’s practice, I returned to a venerable Christian practice of prayer, protection, and identity that dates … Continue reading The Sign of the Cross


I’ve always been a collector. As a child, I collected anything from leaves (that was for a Cubs badge) and sugar packets (to alleviate boredom on long Summer road trips) to baseball cards and pennants. As an adult, this tendency manifests itself less in physical objects (though I do surround myself with my favorite books … Continue reading Florilegium

Three Good Things

For this week’s sacred practice, I returned to an old favorite: the gratitude practice known as ‘Three Good Things.’ This is a practice I have been doing consistently for close to six years, and is the one practice I actively recommend to friends who are going through difficult seasons of life. Despite its simplicity — … Continue reading Three Good Things