Languages and Dialects of Faith

[This post is part of a series that looks at religion and faith using concepts and tools gained from linguistics. Part I of the series is available here.] No two people share the same way of talking. Even within the same family, our pronunciations vary a little, we have different vocabularies, and prefer certain sentence … Continue reading Languages and Dialects of Faith

Two Ways of Thinking about Religion (Languages of God, Part I)

A friend of mine tells a story that has stuck with me for twenty years now. A kindly older gentleman came into the store where she worked during her summer vacations in university and asked after a certain product. Unfortunately for my friend, her customer spoke with a thick Scottish brogue and she couldn’t understand … Continue reading Two Ways of Thinking about Religion (Languages of God, Part I)

Social Intelligence

About a year ago, a friend emailed me inviting me to join a group of his friends at a baseball game. While I generally don’t do well in groups of people I don’t know, I figured it was a good opportunity to stretch myself. (I also really wanted to watch the game!) Little did I … Continue reading Social Intelligence