Love of Learning

Eight years ago, I was facing the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding my life. I really didn’t know where to start, but I decided to throw my curiosity wide open and read about anything and everything that struck my fancy. The idea was just to throw everything against the wall and see what, if anything, … Continue reading Love of Learning


I was once walking in the coastal rainforests of British Columbia with a friend, when he suddenly stopped, looked up, and said “God lives here.” Now my friend didn’t actually think that he had stumbled across the dwelling-place of the Almighty; nor did he mean it in an animistic, ‘tree spirits, gods of the forest’ … Continue reading Spirituality


You can’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. So says the conventional wisdom, and this is a (rare) case where the conventional wisdom is right. This proverb understands the truth that to understand someone’s behaviour we need to understand their experiences: their history, joys, traumas, motivations, hopes and dreams. As it … Continue reading Judgment


This Easter week’s exploration of character strengths returns to a theme I’ve explored a couple of times already in this space, but one that’s always worth thinking about (especially for a realist like me!): Hope. According to the VIA Institute on Character, “If Hope is your top strength, you expect the best in the future, … Continue reading Hope