My Type

There is an old and terribly unfunny joke that says "There are two types of people in the world: those who like personality typologies and those who don't." I've long been in the former category. I am fascinated by human personality and — much like the elements I discussed last week — find the different … Continue reading My Type


This week’s exploration of the kind of good fruit our lives can bear returns to the character strength of Gratitude. I say ‘returned,’ because it’s a subject that I’ve already visited a few times on the blog. Gratitude has been an important touchstone for Christian living for centuries, and has proven to be low-hanging fruit … Continue reading Gratitude

Social Intelligence

About a year ago, a friend emailed me inviting me to join a group of his friends at a baseball game. While I generally don’t do well in groups of people I don’t know, I figured it was a good opportunity to stretch myself. (I also really wanted to watch the game!) Little did I … Continue reading Social Intelligence