Vocation and Community

The common theme in this series on vocation has been that our vocations are from God and for the community. We’ve seen both these elements in every level of vocation: The calling to bear the image and likeness of God isn’t about puffing us up, but about embodying generosity in and for the world; the … Continue reading Vocation and Community

Knowing God together: Community

Over the past few months, this blog has been exploring the idea of knowing God from a number of angles: philosophical, scriptural, historical, and personal. But it's a huge (one might even say infinite) topic and so by necessity some aspects of the subject have been put more in the background than they should be. … Continue reading Knowing God together: Community


It’s been a long time since I’ve explored a practice of Scripture reading here. For the most part, the Scripture reading practices I’ve been able to find recently have seemed too similar to ones I’ve already explored, essentially just variations on Lectio Divina and Ignatian Gospel Contemplation. So, I was excited to find a willing … Continue reading Havruta