Vocation in the Real World

The amazing twentieth-century Black theologian Howard Thurman tells a story of meeting with his advisor at his predominantly white seminary. The advisor lauded Thurman’s work but was concerned he was limiting himself by commenting as much as he did on the Black experience instead of “the timeless issues of the human spirit.” About this, Thurman … Continue reading Vocation in the Real World

Called to Contribute

After what has been a long journey through general human and Christian vocations and the callings to maturity and individuation, we come at last to a discussion of the specific ways we are able to live out our callings in practical, day-to-day life. In each of the previous posts, we’ve seen that all of the … Continue reading Called to Contribute

The World Reacts to Jesus: A Reflection on Luke 9.51-62

In today’s Gospel reading, Luke 9.51-62, Jesus begins his journey to Jerusalem. Along the way, he encounters different groups of people, who respond to him in different ways. In light of the series on vocation that’s been occupying my midweek posts — and therefore my thoughts — of late, I couldn’t help but think that … Continue reading The World Reacts to Jesus: A Reflection on Luke 9.51-62

Called to Be Christlike

In the last post in this series about vocation, we looked at what the creation story in Genesis tells us about humanity’s general vocation: to be God’s representatives in the world and to reflect God’s character in our interactions with one another and in how we exercise stewardship over creation. But, as the story goes, … Continue reading Called to Be Christlike