GOD: Three Letters and a World of Problems

At the start of this series on knowing God, we need to think about what is we mean when we think or talk about God. It's fine — and necessary — to talk about God's will, God's initiative, God's revelation, and so on, but this can easily mislead us. Unsurprisingly, ‘God’ is a big topic … Continue reading GOD: Three Letters and a World of Problems

The Map is Not the Territory

I mentioned at the end of the last post that I hoped in this series on Knowing God to provide something of a map for the topic. While I hadn't been thinking in these terms when I wrote that, it helpfully reminded me of the saying of Alfred Korzybski, "The map is not the territory." … Continue reading The Map is Not the Territory

Knowing God: Introduction

Over the past couple months, I have written about the conceptual relationships between religion and spirituality and language and linguistics. While my educational background in linguistics means that these connections fascinate me, there was a reason for doing this deep-dive beyond my own interest. Thinking about God and faith through this lens is essentially about … Continue reading Knowing God: Introduction