Integral Growth & Christian Spirituality

As this series, Growing with Intention, wraps up, I thought it would be helpful to take a step back and look at the practices as a whole, from a specifically Christian theological lens. As someone who comes to these practices in a desire to be more faithful and to be a better disciple of Jesus, … Continue reading Integral Growth & Christian Spirituality

Growing with Intention: The Body

In this series on engines of spiritual growth, we've looked at how we can use our hearts, minds, unconscious wisdom, and actions to push us forward in faithfulness. But none of this would be possible without the body in and of itself. So I can't leave this series without giving some thought to this beautiful, … Continue reading Growing with Intention: The Body

Growing with Intention: ‘Perfecting the Universe’ (or, Bearing Good Fruit (again))

So far in this series on practices and behaviours we can use to grow in faith, we've explored two ways of engaging transcendence (through 'spiritual' experiences and beauty), two ways of expanding the mind (through dialectical epistemology and value metabolism), and ways of bringing what is hidden into our awareness (especially through dream work and … Continue reading Growing with Intention: ‘Perfecting the Universe’ (or, Bearing Good Fruit (again))

Growing with Intention: Shadow Work

This series exploring engines of our spiritual growth has shifted this week to look at practices designed to bring our unconscious into conscious awareness. The other day, I focused on the murky but fascinating world of our dreams. Today, I'm going to turn to shadow work, the process of becoming aware of, accepting, and integrating … Continue reading Growing with Intention: Shadow Work

Growing with Intention: Dream Work

The most recent post in this series on Growing with Intention introduced making what is unconscious conscious as an engine of our spiritual development. Today I'd like to look at one specific way we can work with this idea, dream work. Spending time engaging with our dreams is the paradigmatic approach to working with the … Continue reading Growing with Intention: Dream Work