In Our Bodies

We've been hearing a lot lately in the news and public discourse about bodies, specifically about black bodies, brown bodies, and white bodies. The news has been difficult to watch. What the news reveals about our society and its values has perhaps been even more difficult for many of us to ingest. In recent years … Continue reading In Our Bodies

Inner Wisdom Cicle

One of the things I enjoy most about having moved around a lot and met a lot of people from a wide variety of backgrounds is that it’s given me a great window into both the similarities, but especially the differences, in the ways people think and make decisions. Some of my friends make decisions … Continue reading Inner Wisdom Cicle


This week’s practice is probably the most popular sacred practice in the West right now that many of its practitioners don’t think of as a sacred practice. It has ancient roots but is often treated like the next big thing. This week, I rolled out the mat and engaged with a yoga practice. BackgroundWhen we … Continue reading Yoga