Where you cast your nets (A reflection on John 21.1-14)

I once heard a sermon which summarized Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances with the Douglas Adams line, “So long, and thanks for all the fish.” I couldn’t help but think of this as I was reading this morning’s Gospel reading. The disciples are fishing but are having a frustrating time of it. A man, later recognized to … Continue reading Where you cast your nets (A reflection on John 21.1-14)


This Easter week’s exploration of character strengths returns to a theme I’ve explored a couple of times already in this space, but one that’s always worth thinking about (especially for a realist like me!): Hope. According to the VIA Institute on Character, “If Hope is your top strength, you expect the best in the future, … Continue reading Hope

(More) Good Fruit

The basic premise of this blog is that genuine faith produces good spiritual fruit. Almost eleven months ago now, I wrote of my desire to look at this fruit more closely, using the twenty-four character traits the  VIA (“Values in Action”) Institute on Character have identified as universal characteristics of human wellbeing as my lens. … Continue reading (More) Good Fruit

Making Meaning

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about enchantment, disenchantment, and re-enchantment. While I stand behind the idea that, essentially, we make the meaning we want to in the world, I recognize that these ideas have some troubling consequences if they aren’t properly contextualized and integrated into the bigger picture of life. I’ve lost friends … Continue reading Making Meaning

Identify your values

Two recent practices I’ve explored here, Monitoring and Equanimity, both talked about values. Values have also come to mind recently since the new year is fast approaching and it’s a natural time to think more closely about my values as I look back on the year that has been and forward to the year that … Continue reading Identify your values