Everything is Permissible

Today's Epistle contains what I think is probably one of the most surprising and helpful things the Apostle Paul says in his writings: A new grounding of morality and ethics that doesn't just do away with the Law, but rejects the binary of 'permitted' and 'forbidden', or 'lawful' and 'illegal' altogether. In the sixth chapter … Continue reading Everything is Permissible

A “Spiritual Liberation”: Does Christianity lose the plot?

The Exodus story, which was the basis of my Sunday reflection this week, lies at the heart of both Judaism and Christianity. But, as we've seen time and time again over the past couple of months, while Christianity presents a strong challenge to the spirit of Empire, it breaks from Exodus by not telling the … Continue reading A “Spiritual Liberation”: Does Christianity lose the plot?

O Clavis David: The God Who Frees

When we look at the writings of the prophets, we can run into danger if we over-spiritualize their words — and thereby let ourselves off the hook from their radical call for justice — or if we over-literalize them — and thereby limit the scope of their words to politics. (For as Jesus said, after … Continue reading O Clavis David: The God Who Frees

Only Human

There seems to be a fundamental division within the very idea of humanity. On the one hand, the word connotes the best of what our species can do and be: People who embrace the idea that we are 'the measure of all things' are called “humanists;” areas of study that explore our creativity and wisdom are … Continue reading Only Human