Only Human

There seems to be a fundamental division within the very idea of humanity. On the one hand, the word connotes the best of what our species can do and be: People who embrace the idea that we are 'the measure of all things' are called “humanists;” areas of study that explore our creativity and wisdom are … Continue reading Only Human

The Shadow Side of Growth

I love the metaphor of growth for discussing the spiritual life. From Psalm 1’s stunning image of the faithful person being “like a tree planted by streams of water,” whose leaf will not wither, and who will prosper, bearing forth fruit in its season; to the prophetic image of Israel as a vineyard; to John … Continue reading The Shadow Side of Growth


In honour of it being the last week of Lent, I decided to explore a classic lenten practice this week, fasting. There are many different approaches to fasting, from total abstinence from food on certain days, as is common in some evangelical circles, to the giving up of a favorite food during the season, which … Continue reading Fasting

Commandments of Grace

One of the most striking features of the theologies that emerged from the Reformation was their sharp division between faith and works, grace and law, New Covenant and Old Covenant. This is certainly not without justification. The New Testament writings burst with joy and expectation that all things are being made new with the coming … Continue reading Commandments of Grace