The Movement away from Conformity

I was once invited to an event a colleague was organizing to celebrate Pride. I knew I'd be a little bit out of my element, but figured it would be a good opportunity to get to know some new people. I got there early and chatted with a couple people around me. One was a … Continue reading The Movement away from Conformity

The Movement away from Shoulds

The other day, we looked at how moving away from facades and towards the authentic self represents faithful growth. One of the major facades people are prone to hiding behind is the notion of 'shoulds', doing things simply because we feel we are obligated — by others or by God — to do so. The … Continue reading The Movement away from Shoulds

The Movement away from Facades

The other day, I introduced Wilkie Au and Noreen Cannon Au's eight movements of growth, as one framework through which we can explore what authentic spiritual growth looks like. Today, I'd like to look into the first of the eight movements they describe: "the movement away from facades, from a pretended self that we are … Continue reading The Movement away from Facades

Movements of Faith

The other day, I wrote about how the core of Jesus' conflict with the religious establishment of his day, and the fault lines within religion today, is a fundamentally different understanding of what faith is all about: Is it about gate-keeping and behaviour control — creating community through conformity — or is it about providing … Continue reading Movements of Faith

In Our Bodies

We've been hearing a lot lately in the news and public discourse about bodies, specifically about black bodies, brown bodies, and white bodies. The news has been difficult to watch. What the news reveals about our society and its values has perhaps been even more difficult for many of us to ingest. In recent years … Continue reading In Our Bodies