Wake Up Call: A reflection on Romans 13.8-14

I go for walks or runs every morning, and I'm blessed that my routes take me through a beautiful ravine system that snakes its way through my part of the city. One of the great things about this daily practice is that it helps me to notice the subtle changes in this little ecosystem as … Continue reading Wake Up Call: A reflection on Romans 13.8-14

A Tyrant’s Dream? (Disarming Romans 13.1-7)

For most of this series on Empire and Spirit, we've seen how the stories of our Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus and Paul challenged Rome's power and authority. But as I noted last week, this isn't the whole story. In that post, I looked at Jesus' famous teaching, to "Render unto Caesar what is … Continue reading A Tyrant’s Dream? (Disarming Romans 13.1-7)