Called to Be Ourselves

So far, this series on vocation has focused exclusively on general vocation, the things we are all called to do and be in the world by virtue of our shared humanity. We’ve seen that this human vocation is a birthright but also something we need to grow into. But there’s a paradox at work here: … Continue reading Called to Be Ourselves

Children of the Living God

Today, the Sunday after Epiphany, in the Western Church we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. This is a feast that is rich in symbolism and meaning for us as Christians, and so there are many directions I could go in reflecting on it this morning. But, rather than going deep into the weeds of early … Continue reading Children of the Living God

Owning Your Story (Or, the Best Date I’ve Ever Had)

I’ve been thinking a lot about narrative again lately. Partly this is because I’ve been in a run of excellent novels. Partly it’s because of the ‘Fiction as a Sacred Text’ practice from last week. But also, particularly this week, a number of books, podcasts, and other media (particularly the truly remarkable Nanette) have in … Continue reading Owning Your Story (Or, the Best Date I’ve Ever Had)