The story I’m telling myself is …

Continuing on the narrative kick I’ve been on lately, this week’s practice turns from looking at the wisdom we can find in literature to the potential and pitfalls of the stories we tell ourselves from moment to moment. BackgroundPaying attention to the narratives in our heads is nothing new. It is for example the basis … Continue reading The story I’m telling myself is …

Owning Your Story (Or, the Best Date I’ve Ever Had)

I’ve been thinking a lot about narrative again lately. Partly this is because I’ve been in a run of excellent novels. Partly it’s because of the ‘Fiction as a Sacred Text’ practice from last week. But also, particularly this week, a number of books, podcasts, and other media (particularly the truly remarkable Nanette) have in … Continue reading Owning Your Story (Or, the Best Date I’ve Ever Had)

Fiction as a Sacred Text

I’m a great lover of books, and especially fiction. I’ve been in a particularly good run of interesting and thoughtful books lately, so, I was excited to see this week’s sacred practice come up on the schedule: to treat a piece of fiction as a sacred text. BackgroundLike most people, I was first exposed to … Continue reading Fiction as a Sacred Text

A Skyline of the Heart

(I’m going to start this post with a warning: This will be a bit more personal than what I have normally been posting here. But, I think something that I stumbled across in the course of the long and convoluted journey I describe below may be interesting or helpful, and I think there really isn’t … Continue reading A Skyline of the Heart