Book Review: The Very Good Gospel, by Lisa Sharon Harper

[One of my goals for 2021 was to set time aside in the mornings for reading and reflecting on spiritual and theological books. Four months in, it's been a wonderful shot in the arm for my sacred practices and spiritual life. As I'm 'in between' series these days here on the blog, I thought I'd … Continue reading Book Review: The Very Good Gospel, by Lisa Sharon Harper

Top 11 Reads of 2020

Book covers

2020 was once again an incredible year for my reading life. While I'd planned on reading less this past year, the restrictions on events and gathering with friends made instead for even more time for reading. Because I read so much again, it was especially hard to narrow down my top reads this year. Here … Continue reading Top 11 Reads of 2020

Fiction as a Sacred Text

I’m a great lover of books, and especially fiction. I’ve been in a particularly good run of interesting and thoughtful books lately, so, I was excited to see this week’s sacred practice come up on the schedule: to treat a piece of fiction as a sacred text. Background Like most people, I was first exposed … Continue reading Fiction as a Sacred Text

Learning and Learning Again

One of the books that has had a disproportionate impact on me has been Ben Okri’s delightful myth Astonishing the Gods, which tells the story of a young man’s mystical journey through a enchanted island city. One of the book’s themes is learning what you already know, the idea that we keep on having to … Continue reading Learning and Learning Again