Bound / Freed (An Integral Reading of Genesis 22)

As regular readers may know, I’ve been making a point lately of using the assigned readings from the Hebrew Bible for my lectio divina practice. Because these texts often raise difficult questions, I’ve been intentional about engaging them within an integral framework to get as expansive a reading as I can. (I’ve included a brief … Continue reading Bound / Freed (An Integral Reading of Genesis 22)


If there’s one thing children are universally good at it’s knowing when something isn’t fair. Children have a keen instinct when it comes to knowing when someone is playing favorites or when something good isn’t been given out in equal portions. Knowing when we’re getting the short end of the stick is natural, but as … Continue reading Fairness

Mercy in the Mess (A reflection on Genesis 16)

I wrote yesterday that I wanted to be intentional about spending time with the daily readings from the Hebrew Bible. Well, today’s is a doozy, filled with both the inspiring and deeply problematic elements we expect from these old stories. God has promised Abraham (at this point in the story, Abraham and Sarah are still … Continue reading Mercy in the Mess (A reflection on Genesis 16)

Social Intelligence

About a year ago, a friend emailed me inviting me to join a group of his friends at a baseball game. While I generally don’t do well in groups of people I don’t know, I figured it was a good opportunity to stretch myself. (I also really wanted to watch the game!) Little did I … Continue reading Social Intelligence