Best of the Blog, 2021

2021 was the fourth year I’ve kept this blog, and what a year it’s been! Thanks to all of you who have joined me here! As the year winds down, I thought I’d take a few minutes to share the most popular new posts from the past year, along with a few of the year’s posts that I loved but which didn’t get as much traction as some of the others.

(For further ‘best of’, see my Best of the Blog, 2019 post and my post reflecting on the blog’s first three years.)

10 Most Popular Posts from 2021

Of all the work I put out this year, the most meaningful for me was the series on dismantling settler theology, so I was grateful to see three of the posts from that series among the most popular new posts this year. It was also great to see three posts involving some pretty dense theology make the cut! And, of course, as a bookish person, it always makes me feel warm and cozy to see my annual favorite books post on the list.

  1. Setting Our Stories Straight: Doctrine of Discovery
  2. Setting Our Stories Straight: Dismantling Settler Theology
  3. Setting Our Stories Straight: A Chosen People
  4. The Dream of God: The sanctified imagination of Verna Dozier
  5. God’s New Thing: A Reflection for Easter 2021
  6. Integral Basics: Multiple Perspectives
  7. Top 11 Reads of 2020
  8. Word Made Flesh, or, How to Be Human
  9. By Blood and By Grace
  10. Integral (main page)

My Favorite 2021 Posts that didn’t make the ‘top 10’

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