Year-End Practices (Reprise)

Regular readers will know that I take my end of year very seriously. I treat my process of looking back at the year that was and ahead to the year that is approaching as a sacred practice and it turns into one of the richest times of my year.

If you are interested in taking some time to make your year end planning more meaningful, I have a few resources on the blog that you may find helpful:

  1. A Year in Review Examen, based on the Ignatian Examen. This is a way of reflecting on the past year that focuses on successes, struggles, what worked well, and what areas might need attention going forward. My template is available for you to use in the resources section of the blog.
  2. A series of posts on planning and goal-setting, including Identifying Values, a strategy for Goal-Setting, and Discernment of Desires.
  3. The pandemic has highlighted the need for flexibility in our planning, and so last year I wrote about a framework to help make planning and goal-setting more resilient: A Framework for Resilient Planning.

However you choose to keep and find meaning in your year end, may your 2021 end well and may 2022 bring you peace, joy, and hope.

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