God Has Done So Much: Reflections on Angels and Guides

I remember once hearing an Orthodox priest saying that he couldn't imagine becoming Protestant because Protestant prayer is so lonely. He said this because Eastern Orthodox worship — and all traditional Christian worship — makes no secret of its belief that when the faithful gather together in prayer, all the Saints, Angels, and Archangels join … Continue reading God Has Done So Much: Reflections on Angels and Guides

A Time for Every Matter under Heaven

Because we are meaning-making creatures, it is no surprise that many cultures across the world and throughout history have extended this to finding symbolic meaning in numbers. Even in Western North American culture that doesn't have a historical numerological system of its own, we have a strong predilection for multiples of ten, and call the … Continue reading A Time for Every Matter under Heaven

Changing the Story

Story is everything. Everything is story. Story-telling is a fundamental part of being human. We all do it, every day, whether we are aware of it or not. We are wired to make meaning, to seek patterns and connections between people and events, causes and effects. This is a critical and wonderful part of what … Continue reading Changing the Story

The Local Weather

An analogy I've used throughout this series about re-enchanting the world and meaning-making is that astrology is like a weather forecast for the soul. It isn't about foretelling the future as much as it is about telling us what kind of energies we can expect to experience over a certain period of time. I'm agnostic … Continue reading The Local Weather