God Has Done So Much: Reflections on Angels and Guides

I remember once hearing an Orthodox priest saying that he couldn't imagine becoming Protestant because Protestant prayer is so lonely. He said this because Eastern Orthodox worship — and all traditional Christian worship — makes no secret of its belief that when the faithful gather together in prayer, all the Saints, Angels, and Archangels join … Continue reading God Has Done So Much: Reflections on Angels and Guides


I recently read a beautiful novel called The Lovely War. On the surface it's a fairly typical story about the strength of love amid the ravages of war. What sets it apart from similar stories is that the chapters are narrated from the varying perspectives of different Greek gods: Aphrodite (Love), Ares (War), Apollo (Creativity … Continue reading Archetypes


A term that comes up a lot in the world of contemporary spirituality is "energy." Practitioners of various spiritual modalities will talk about such and such an "energy" working in such and such a way. Some go so far as to call their practice "energy work." I hadn't given this much thought until a friend … Continue reading Energy

Seasons and Cycles

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. This means that it's officially the season of Winter — though we've already had our share of below freezing weather and wintery precipitation: snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice pellets, and so on. And so today is a perfect day to … Continue reading Seasons and Cycles