If there’s one thing children are universally good at it’s knowing when something isn’t fair. Children have a keen instinct when it comes to knowing when someone is playing favorites or when something good isn’t been given out in equal portions. Knowing when we’re getting the short end of the stick is natural, but as … Continue reading Fairness


Like most North Americans my age, I grew up on a diet heavy in reruns of The Simpsons. One scene that often comes to mind involves Ned Flanders, the Simpsons’ overly pious neighbour, confessing to their longsuffering minister: “I’m meek, but … I could be meeker.” What I love about this quote is that it’s … Continue reading Humility

Life as a Sacred Practice

In my post on Goal-Setting, I mentioned that the major theme that emerged for me in my goal-setting for 2019 was the desire to focus my time and energy. One of the consequences of that is that I will be ending my weekly explorations of sacred practices in order to focus my attention on a … Continue reading Life as a Sacred Practice

The Promise of a New Day (A Sermon for the Birth of St. John the Baptist)

[I was asked to preach this coming Sunday and due to a mix-up with the calendar, I ended up preparing two different sermons. Here is a roughish draft of the sermon I would have used had the parish celebrated the feast day for the Birth of St. John the Baptist.] When I first started attending … Continue reading The Promise of a New Day (A Sermon for the Birth of St. John the Baptist)