Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

I have just returned from vacation on Vancouver Island, on Canada's Pacific coast. It’s a place of wonder: of majestic cedars reaching to the heavens, of fathomless waters stretching to the horizon, and of mighty mountains that remind one why the High Places have always been considered the dwelling-places of the gods.  It’s fitting then … Continue reading Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

What’s in a Name?

My recent foray into Genesis has made me think again about the importance of names. Certainly in Genesis, naming has a tremendous importance and names are believed to say something important about the identity of the person or place. And so, Adam named the animals in the Garden, and the Patriarchs set aside places where … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

A Moment of Truth (A Reflection on Exodus 2.1-15)

The most famous origin story of the Buddha goes something like this: A sheltered young prince slips away from his father’s estate one day and is confronted with the harsh realities he has not been allowed to see: poverty, hunger, sickness, old age. Once his innocent bubble is popped, there’s no turning back and the … Continue reading A Moment of Truth (A Reflection on Exodus 2.1-15)

In the News (Week ending July 13, 2019)

I'm trying something new here this week that may or may not become a recurring element on the blog: Some short reflections on news stories that I feel deserve comment. Without further ado: Hospitality and the Billy Graham RuleThe ‘Billy Graham Rule’? Candidate refuses to meet with women unless a man comes along For those … Continue reading In the News (Week ending July 13, 2019)

Seen (An Integral Reading of Genesis 32.22-32)

As the lectionary continues its journey through Genesis, I’m continuing to spend time with some of the challenging stories of the Patriarchs, the faithful (yet wholly dysfunctional) first family of Western Religion. Two weeks ago, we saw how God stepped into the very messy situation surrounding Abraham and Sarah’s scheming to get Abraham an heir … Continue reading Seen (An Integral Reading of Genesis 32.22-32)