Back to Basics

I've got some good news for you this morning. This relentless, seemingly interminable year is in fact drawing to an end. The snowfall earlier this week and the golden carpet of leaves cushioning my morning runs leave no doubt about this. The flip side of the waning of the year is that Advent is just … Continue reading Back to Basics

In Times like These (Again)

Well, friends, today is election day in the United States. We don't know what the result will be or what the future will bring, especially since the current American President has been sending messages undermining the integrity of the election for months and has not committed to the peaceful transition of power that is inherent … Continue reading In Times like These (Again)

It’s Our Turn: A Reflection of All Saints Day 2020

Today we celebrate the feast of All Saints. While is isn't a feast that is celebrated well in many churches, including mine, it really ought to be one of the most exciting commemorations in the calendar. For it is nothing less than the celebration of the countless ways the Holy Spirit has worked in the … Continue reading It’s Our Turn: A Reflection of All Saints Day 2020

The Movement away from Conformity

I was once invited to an event a colleague was organizing to celebrate Pride. I knew I'd be a little bit out of my element, but figured it would be a good opportunity to get to know some new people. I got there early and chatted with a couple people around me. One was a … Continue reading The Movement away from Conformity