The Sign of the Cross

Last week’s exploration of Minimalism as a sacred practice made me think about how I might similarly simplify my spiritual life. I thought about what it might look like to go back to the basics. And so, for this week’s practice, I returned to a venerable Christian practice of prayer, protection, and identity that dates … Continue reading The Sign of the Cross

Inner Wisdom Cicle

One of the things I enjoy most about having moved around a lot and met a lot of people from a wide variety of backgrounds is that it’s given me a great window into both the similarities, but especially the differences, in the ways people think and make decisions. Some of my friends make decisions … Continue reading Inner Wisdom Cicle


One consistent thing I’ve noticed in these past few months of exploring sacred practices is that attention and intention are really what makes a practice sacred. This works both ways. On the one hand, doing most things with attention and intention can turn them into sacred practices — anything from close reading of fiction to … Continue reading Listening


I recently noticed that one area that has been underrepresented in my explorations of sacred practices has been creativity. And so, in the hopes of beginning to rectify this gap, this week I explored the making of and meditating on mandalas. Background The word ‘mandala’ originates in Sanskrit and refers to a circle representing wholeness, … Continue reading Mandalas