Walking in the Dark: A reflection on John 9.1-41

As I've been chatting with friends, family, and colleagues this week, a theme that's stood out has been that doing new things is hard. Of course we all know this. But we're in unprecedented circumstances, and that means we're all doing new things every day. For some it's learning how to work from home. For … Continue reading Walking in the Dark: A reflection on John 9.1-41

From Under the Rubble

We've had a rather apocalyptic beginning to 2020, with vast wildfires sweeping through the fertile parts of Australia. Our screens have been filled with images of men and women standing amidst the remains of their homes, images that are becoming all too common across the world (California, Oregon, BC, Alberta, northern Ontario, Greece, Spain, Australia, … Continue reading From Under the Rubble

Grace for Today (A Lenten Reflection on Luke 9.18-25)

As I was reading the Gospel this morning, I was struck by a single word: daily. In the passage, Peter has just correctly identified Jesus as the Messiah, but now Jesus must redefine for the disciples what that means. Being the Messiah doesn’t mean triumph, liberation and power — at least not as they expected … Continue reading Grace for Today (A Lenten Reflection on Luke 9.18-25)

Washing up (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)

It’s Ash Wednesday. Are we listening? Many of us will find our way to church this morning or this evening for the imposition of ashes. Many churches now even do ‘drive through’ or 'drop in' ashes for busy folk on their way to or from work. It’s becoming increasingly common to see people out and … Continue reading Washing up (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)


In honour of it being the last week of Lent, I decided to explore a classic lenten practice this week, fasting. There are many different approaches to fasting, from total abstinence from food on certain days, as is common in some evangelical circles, to the giving up of a favorite food during the season, which … Continue reading Fasting