Wise Men Still … : A Reflection on Epiphany 2022

I was recently reminded of a bumper sticker that was popular among Christians about twenty years ago that read, “Wise men still seek Him.” It’s a lovely (if gendered!) sentiment, using the figures of the Magi, those Astrologer-Priests from the ‘East’ who visit the baby Jesus, as examples for us of what wisdom looks like. … Continue reading Wise Men Still … : A Reflection on Epiphany 2022

Hearts Unveiled

We're at the point in the liturgical year when the calendar is moving very quickly. Over just the past ten weeks or so we've zoomed through the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, and we're now just three days before the start of Lent. And, in those churches which follow the common lectionary, that means … Continue reading Hearts Unveiled

Waters of Repentance

Today, on this first Sunday after Epiphany, we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. For me this commemoration is sort of like an Epiphany Part II, because I spent several years in the Eastern Orthodox Church, where Christ's Baptism in the Jordan is the primary commemoration of Epiphany itself. In the Eastern tradition, the feast is … Continue reading Waters of Repentance

Arise! Shine! (A Reflection for Epiphany 2021)

Arise! Shine! For your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. These are some of the most joyous words in all of the Scriptures. And these are the words upon which we are asked to reflect on this great and holy feast of the Epiphany. Historically speaking, Epiphany, literally … Continue reading Arise! Shine! (A Reflection for Epiphany 2021)

A Feast of Confounded Expectations

Today, Christians celebrate the great feast of Epiphany — the celebration of God's light shining into the world in the life of Jesus. In Western practice, the feast commemorates the visitation of the Magi — the Greek word generally referred to Zoroastrian priests versed in astrology — to the child Jesus. I can't help but … Continue reading A Feast of Confounded Expectations