Like most North Americans my age, I grew up on a diet heavy in reruns of The Simpsons. One scene that often comes to mind involves Ned Flanders, the Simpsons’ overly pious neighbour, confessing to their longsuffering minister: “I’m meek, but … I could probably stand to be meeker.” What I love about this quote … Continue reading Humility

Grace for Today (A Lenten Reflection on Luke 9.18-25)

As I was reading the Gospel this morning, I was struck by a single word: daily. In the passage, Peter has just correctly identified Jesus as the Messiah, but now Jesus must redefine for the disciples what that means. Being the Messiah doesn’t mean triumph, liberation and power — at least not as they expected … Continue reading Grace for Today (A Lenten Reflection on Luke 9.18-25)

Washing up (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)

It’s Ash Wednesday. Are we listening? Many of us will find our way to church this morning or this evening for the imposition of ashes. Many churches now even do ‘drive through’ or 'drop in' ashes for busy folk on their way to or from work. It’s becoming increasingly common to see people out and … Continue reading Washing up (An Ash Wednesday Reflection)


One of the buzzy books of the past year was Sayaka Muraka’s Convenience Store Woman, which follows a woman in her mid-thirties who has never really fit into society, but who finds comfort and belonging in her work at a convenience store. The book is a fascinating exploration of social expectations and what it means … Continue reading Teamwork

As Children, As Grown ups (A reflection on Mark 9.30-37)

Long-time readers will know by now that I love the quote from the physicist Niels Bohr, that the opposite of a great truth is also true. It’s an important idea and it’s linked to my fundamental theological maxim: that, in order to avoid idolatry and misunderstanding, we have to be willing to unsay everything we … Continue reading As Children, As Grown ups (A reflection on Mark 9.30-37)