Come, Holy Spirit, Come

The weather here in Toronto has finally turned. After a long and unusually cold Spring, warmth has finally returned. Suddenly, almost as though someone flipped a switch, all that greening potential in the trees and flowers that had just been a blush of colour has exploded into full view. Gone are the drab greys and brown of Winter; now is the time for new life in all its fullness and abundance.

This annual display is a powerful icon for us of God’s renewing and life-giving Spirit at work in the world and in us. And for this reason, I’m glad to live in the Northern hemisphere, where this gift comes us during the part of the year when we celebrate the feasts of Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. It’s a time of year when an ordinary neighborhood walk or run through a park easily becomes a theophany, an encounter with the Living God.

And so, with this in mind, I am filled with hope and expectation for Sunday’s feast of Pentecost. This is the feast when we celebrate and appropriate the coming of the Holy Spirit in power on Jesus’ disciples, and, therefore, on us.

This year more than ever I feel it’s important to keep a good Pentecost, not to let it slip past without noticing (as so easily happens with these feasts that aren’t celebrated (or commodified) in our culture).

And that’s really all I wanted to say in today’s post: to remind you that this great feast — traditionally the third most important day of the Christian calendar — is at hand, and the time is now to prepare for it. If this idea strikes a chord with you, I encourage you to invoke the Holy Spirit in your prayers over the next few days. (If you’d like some words to help with this, feel free to pray through my resource “Prayers for Renewal in the Holy Spirit.”)

God is with us. And the Day of God’s action is at hand.

Let us prepare ourselves and our hearts and keep the feast.

Come, Holy Spirit, come.

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