Interfaith Learning as Foreign Language Acquisition (Languages of God, V)

The previous post in this series on using linguistic analogies to understand religious differences talked about the idea of language games. You may have noticed that in that post I only talked about differences within a particular religion, and not differences between religions. This was intentional.  While intellectually speaking, engaging with a completely different belief … Continue reading Interfaith Learning as Foreign Language Acquisition (Languages of God, V)


After last week’s exciting foray into the Scriptures with the practice of Havruta, this week I decided to explore a practice that is a goal and ideal of most religious traditions, something that is an essential component of living a balanced and contented life in a turbulent world. This week, I explored a practice of … Continue reading Equanimity

Feel the Feeling and Drop the Story

This week, I decided to tie a bow of sorts on the narrative theme of the past couple practices. Whereas the goal the other week was to identify the story going around in my head at any given moment, this week the practice was to, in the words of Pema Chödrön, a Buddhist nun and … Continue reading Feel the Feeling and Drop the Story

Mindfulness Meditation

After a few weeks of sacred practices that wedged their way into my life, this week was a return to regularly scheduled programming. I undertook a practice that is probably the most highly publicized practice in our world today, the form of meditation, originating in Buddhist thought but now thoroughly Westernized, known as mindfulness meditation. … Continue reading Mindfulness Meditation