Tradition(Ed): Creativity and Tradition

In its worst caricatures, tradition is presented as vain repetition, nothing more than doing and saying what people did and said in the past. But, as we’ve seen, this perspective doesn’t hit the mark on how tradition actually works. Tradition is an active process: we receive from the past but inevitably apply it to the … Continue reading Tradition(Ed): Creativity and Tradition

Sacred Imagination: Part 5 – Fantasy

So far, these reflections on the possibilities of a sanctified imagination have stayed within the bounds of traditional practices and ways of experiencing God. Today I want to push out a bit further and explore the fuller possibilities of our active imaginations, and even full-fledged fantasy to draw us closer to God. Fantasy means many … Continue reading Sacred Imagination: Part 5 – Fantasy

Sanctified Imagination: Part 2 – Mystical Creativity

The other day I introduced the claim that imagination is one of the most powerful allies in the spiritual life. Today I'd like to see how this plays out in the Western mystical tradition and some its more casual contemporary manifestations. Despite Christianity's general suspicion of the imagination, both the Scriptures and mystical tradition (to … Continue reading Sanctified Imagination: Part 2 – Mystical Creativity

Sanctified Imagination: Part 1 – Problems and Possibilities

I have come to believe that imagination — specifically, a holy, sacred, or sanctified imagination — is one of the greatest tools at our disposal to build resilience, faith, and that most elusive of all virtues, hope. This idea has bubbled up again and again this year on the blog: when I contemplated re-enchanting my … Continue reading Sanctified Imagination: Part 1 – Problems and Possibilities


I’ve been feeling particularly creative lately: I’ve been dusting off old writing projects that have been sitting in folders untouched for years, having ideas for things to write in this blog, and thinking of new poster designs and ways of displaying photographs in my apartment. It’s an exciting feeling, a wonderful embarrassment of riches that’s hard … Continue reading Creativity