Some Housekeeping

Hi there, readers:

I try to avoid ‘housekeeping’ posts as much as possible, but I thought I’d spend a few minutes today to let you know what you can expect here in the coming weeks.

I’ve found myself with an awkward 2-3 week gap between the end of my series ‘Pathways of Peace’ and the start of Advent, a gap that feels too long to let it go ‘fallow’ but too short to address any of the series ideas I have for the future.

I am, among other things, an avid learner. This means that, since the start of the blog at the start of 2018, my ideas and influences have shifted. And so, I thought it might be helpful to take a pause and reflect on my spiritual and intellectual journey so far, where I am at right now, and what I stand for. These posts will be, essentially, prolegomena, which is a fancy academic word to describe how one relates to the subject material one studies. I tend to stay away from prolegomena, since a consequence postmodernism’s recognition of intellectual subjectivity is that it often gets stuck in a never-ending cycle of thought about one’s subjectivity, and this gets old very fast for me. But, it is a useful exercise nonetheless, and I think one that will be helpful in allowing new readers to understand where I’m coming from and why.

These three posts will take us to the start of Advent. As I often like to do during this season, I will reduce my content from three to two posts a week to allow myself more time for the personal reflection and preparation that is at the heart of the Advent season. My Advent series this year will look at the season through the lens of the oracles of the prophet Isaiah.

Okay, that’s more than enough housekeeping for now. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


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